Here are the groups that will be shown on Sunday, August 9th. We’re in Group B:

GROUP A – 11:15 am
310 Productions
3rd Floor Films
B. Mooregoode Productions
Denver in Color
Pepper Media LLC
Phantom Drive
Queso What
Slow Children at Play
Thanatos Films
The Filmingos

GROUP B – 2:15 pm
Being Here Productions
Binary Helix
BS Filmworks
Lost Leader Films
Minor Panic Productions
No Zombies Productions
Real Eyes Your VisAbility
Running Riot Pictures
The Glass Masters
Ugly Mutt Entertainment

GROUP C – 5:15 pm
Big Pixel Entertainment
Cinema Geeks
Colorado Media School
Crescit Eundo
Dragoon Films
En Route Films
Garce Works / Old Timers
Maskil Productions
MT Productions
Peregrinari Films
RobCob Productions
Twisted Ladder

GROUP D – 8:15 pm
Shankopotamus Designs
Cook St. Productions
IJIN Studios
Nebulus Visions
Orange Vest Productions
Racine Street
Stranger Studios
Whiskey and Cigarettes

This is subject to change based on teams trading places, teams not turning in a film, etc.

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