5 practice short films
15 random generator writing prompts
11 dedicated (and awesome) crew members
12 Hrs of filming
48Hrs of work on 7 hours total sleep for No Zombies Productions.
All of this hard work provided the backdrop for “After the Ring,” a 5 minute musical, written, filmed, edited and scored all within 48 hours for the Denver 48HR Film Project Competition.  This isn’t an easy task by any means, but with an amazing crew and great ideas, we look back on the experience and smile. From awesome rap battles, to a ringmaster’s costume, we feel this short about Trip Gomez to win his wife back will hit you in the feels.

We have much more practicing left to do (especially me (Jess) with framing and focus) and we hope you come along on the journey with us as two corporate-sick individuals break free on the weekends (with help from the No Zombies Crew)  to create something meaningful – something fun – something like 48HR Film Projects. Enjoy “After the Ring” Starring:

Ronald Burkhard, Heather Wydock, Sam Somchana, Erika Paul, Jennifer Silorey, Eric Anderson and Hunter Cole.

Amazing Crew:

Monica Almaraz, Ronald Burkhard, Heather Wydock, Sam Somchana and Batman, Erika Paul, Jennifer Silorey, Gary Fieldman, Eric Anderson, Hunter Cole, Jessica Chick and Brett Paul

Random Elements:

Character: Trip or Trish Gomez

Occupation: Retired Circus Performer

Prop: Notebook

Line of Dialogue: “There’s not much time.”

Genre: Musical or Western

See anything we need to improve on or want to give kudos to the team, leave a note in the comments section! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Video: “After the Ring” – Denver 48HR Film Project Competition Submission

  1. Melanie Chick

    Very cute! Good message!

    1. Jessica Chick

      Thanks, Melanie! Keep checking back as we get better.

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