The Cinema 2880 Video Festival took place on October 29, 2015. During the premiere, winners were announced:

Student: Wondertwins – “Hopeless Romantic”
Amateur: Throwback Pictures – “The Silent Silver Screen”
* Actually, upon further review, Amateur winner was No Zombies Productions with “The Courtship of Eddie” – we were notified a few weeks after the premiere
Pro: Team Tizzle – “Whatever TV”

Best Acting Performance: “Dave’s Decent”
Best Use of Assigned Prop: The Flim Flam Film Fans – Prop: Soy Sauce Packet
Best Use of Assigned Dialogue: No Zombies Productions – Dialogue: “Many times I’d felt alone, but until this afternoon I’d never felt completely lonely.”
Best Use of Assigned Character: Premium Pairing Forever – Character: A True Belieber (Justin Bieber Fan)
Best Use of Assigned Location: teamFRANKIE – Location: Bathroom
Best Use of Genre: Team Venture – Genre: Tall Tale
Most Dramatic Scene: I.D.E.A.S. Pictures
Best Special Effects: Habitat Productions
The Show Must Go On: Donnie Hamming

Congrats to all the winners!