September. School is in full swing and from up above the tree line you can hear a faint buzz of helicopter moms. That was this month’s inspiration for Ballbuster. The brainstorming session, thanks to Grizz, Brett and Gary, was entertaining to say the least. We had a small cast this time and the docket of ideas included ladies kissing, homeless time warping Grizz, superhero spies, and death by a hail of bullets. Difficult to believe we decided on the hard core sport of bocce ball. Our elements were:

Name: Lino (male) or Lu (female) Hallinan
Occupation: Financial Planner
Prop: A pail
Line of dialogue: “According to what entitlement, specifically?”
Genre: either Film de Femme or War/Anti-War (we chose Film de Femme)

Details continue after the video:

We learned:
1) Grizz can freaking act.
2) Shot listing is simple – and awesome!
3) Heather tearing around the corner, screaming out of the car window is pure comedic gold.
4) Yuriy could teach dancing classes.

We started filming pretty much on schedule at Grant Ranch school in our neighborhood. We felt it gave the posh backdrop we needed for a prep school. Our apartment doubled as Grizz’s office with the bookshelves strategically placed to give it a dean’s office vibe. During filming, the golf channel was not cooperative, but during editing we noticed the likeness of our takes and what was on t.v. Happy accident.

The saddest golf set makes an appearance in this film. This was, literally, a piece of green cloth laid over bubble wrap with an orchid pot (our version of a pail) at the end. Grizz did an awesome job putting take after take after take. That’s a common theme we love about our friends. They endure.

We were on deadline when Jess got into a fit of cleaning, but we were already on picture lock and music was well underway by then. The decision to go with contrasting classical and metal started out as a joke during our first take. We thought it would be funny if Lu pulled up with death metal emanating from her car. Turns out it was pretty comical. Let us know if you agree in the comments below.

See you next time!