2016 was a big year for No Zombies, full of learning and doing.

Very early in the year we modified the practice script generator to work the way 48 Hour Film Project does their genre selection now.

We worked on a Star Wars fan film through the beginning of the year, including several trips down to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This was by far the largest production we’ve attempted, with puppet-controlled ships, lightsaber effects, and remote location shooting. The premiere happened at Syntax Physic Opera on Broadway, complete with a gorgeous movie poster. It was a delight to see the audience’s reaction to our work.

With such a large project taking up almost half the year, we did not do as many full weekend practices. We did get together to shoot a single scene at the apartment, just to get some hands-on time. We also put together a full weekend practice and came up with Ballbuster. With Tulo, one of the non-Zombies in film school, we’re also stealing what he learns to improve our process as we go.

We competed in the Denver 48 Hour Film Project, turning in our combination horror/buddy film, Savor This, and attended the premiere where we got to see the amazing talent that the Denver filmmaking community has.

Finally, we competed in Cinema 2880 for the second time (the first time was last year with The Courtship of Eddie). This year we got a tough genre – Art House Film – and recently found out we won Honorable Mention for Best Use of Genre for Lyrically Yours! The winner for best use of genre was one of the professional teams.

As we look ahead to 2017, we have another full year planned. Stick with us here to see what we do!