Back in 2014 we put together a script specifics generator suitable for anyone to practice for the 48 Hour Film Project or other similar film race.

Each year, 48 Hour Film Project updates the genres for that year’s competition. We’ve updated the script generator to use 2017’s genres. As a quick summary, four genres were removed – Adventure Serial, Animal Film, Holiday Film, and Superhero. Added were Biography, Mockumentary, Thriller / Suspense, and “Music.” This last one was listed right next to Musical, so we’re waiting for a little more information. Many of the other genres jumped from one list to the other, so different combinations are possible for 2017.

Here is the updated Practice Script Generator.

This is the third such generator we’ve put together. The first, which generates a random genre from a large list, is available here. The second, specific to horror genres, is available here.