After our participation in the 48 Hour Film Project this year, we wanted MORE! We wanted to practice writing scripts given only a character (name and occupation), prop, line of dialogue and genre, as though we were showing up for the 48 Hour Film Project. To answer this need, we just needed a list of names, jobs, props, genres, and lines of dialogue.

So I went searching for each of the components. I found a list of first names (male and female) and last names from the census web site. Occupations, too. They’re a little formal, but we can work with them. For the props list, I looked for lists of nouns, and cleaned up what I got. It’s not bad, but could be improved.

For the list of quotes, I found the log from an online chatbot. The first thing to do was remove all the sentences with dirty words in them. The internet is a filthy place! Then I separated each sentence onto its own line, and removed duplicates. I got rid of the too-long and too-short sentences, and did a little spot-checking. This supplied a widely varied list of quotes.

Then I had a friend put a little style on it. The result is a script specifics generator suitable for anyone to practice with, even for simple creative writing exercises! Here is the end result: 48HFP Practice Script Generator

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