April 10th, 2015 was the first team practice for 48HFP. Instead of trying to create a film with two people, we had six! Let me tell you now – it makes a big difference.

On Friday all six of us got together and we got the specifics we had to work with:
Name: Rodney (male)/Ranee (female) Herring
Occupation: Tax Preparer
Prop: sandals
Line of Dialogue: How does that prove it?
Genre: Tragedy

We brainstormed several ideas, one involving a Boulderite who lost it all because of a corrupt tax preparer, a sign spinner who witnessed road rage, and a tax accountant who’s too busy during tax season to recognize a romantic interest. The discussion around which direction to go went longer with six people (as expected), and we didn’t share the first version of the script until 1 AM Saturday.

Five hours later we were up. We got everything ready, loaded the truck, and headed to our first location – a house in Westminster – by way of Santiago’s breakfast burritos. We arrived and unloaded, then set up the first shots of the day. After that, we printed the scripts (d’oh!) and did a read-through with everyone.

Shooting continued at the house until about 4:30. In that time we did the front door, living room, office, and bathroom scenes. Then we left the house for a nearby park for one outdoor scene. Then back to the house, we loaded up and left at 6:00. By about 6:30, we arrived at our third location – Strange Grounds coffee shop on Broadway. We were here until about 7:00. Finally we went to a nearby park and recorded ADR in the truck. At 7:40 we drove back to the apartment arriving at 8:00. We ordered Chinese from Empress of China and started the edit.

On Sunday we continued editing, gathering music, fixing sound, and put together a safety at 6:00. We made a few more tweaks and had the finished product ready at 6:30 for an in-house premiere before Game of Thrones!

Here is the weekend’s finished product:

If you thought that was depressing, you’ll want to watch this now. On Monday we put together outtakes: