Aaaaaand they’re out!

The genres for the 2015 48 Hour Film Project were revealed to the world last week. We thought we would look at examples of good and bad films for each genre (according to our tastes) to help guide our inspiration for whichever lucky genre we pull from the hat or get from the Random Generator.

The list below includes the core genres and the wild cards, and the ones we disagreed on. On competition day, if we get a core genre that really sucks for our team, we have the option to put back said sucky genre and select a new random genre from the wild cards. But! We can only do this once. Once you pull a wild card, you’re stuck with it.

Let us know in the comments what you think of our good and bad picks, or if there’s one that NEEDS to be in this list.

Core Genres

Buddy Film

Good examples: Thelma & Louise; Rush Hour

Bad examples: Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot; Bulletproof Monk


Good examples: Airplane; Office Space; Blazing Saddles; Friday; Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Bad examples: Evan Almighty; Bowfinger

Dark Comedy

Good examples: Fight Club; Shaun of the Dead; Mars Attacks!

Bad examples: Bad Santa


Good examples: Lethal Weapon; Bad Boys

Bad examples: Turner and Hooch


Good examples: Gone with the Wind; Titanic; Atonement

Bad examples: Twilight Series


Good examples: The Wizard of Oz; King Kong; Harry Potter 5; LOTR: The Fellowship

Bad examples: Howard the Duck; In the Name of the King

Film de Femme

Good examples: Original Sin; The Crush; Basic Instinct

Bad examples: Black Dahlia

Fish out of Water

Good examples: Splash (too literal?); Private Benjamin; Mr. Mom; Army of Darkness; Back to the Future; What About Bob?

Bad examples: Encino Man; Coneheads; BioDome

Holiday Film

Good examples: Scrooged; Home Alone; Christmas Vacation

Bad examples: A Christmas Story


Good examples: The Exorcist; Carrie; Aliens; Jaws

Bad examples: Blair Witch Project

Musical or Western

Good examples: The Sound of Music; Grease; Stagecoach; High Noon; Pitch Perfect; Maverick; Tombstone; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Bad examples: Rent; Lightning Jack


Good examples: Casablanca; Ghost; Love Actually; While You Were Sleeping; Sleepless in Seattle; An Affair to Remember

Bad examples: Bed of Roses; The Ugly Truth

Sci Fi

Good examples: Star Wars; Blade Runner; Tron; Big

Bad examples: Battlefield Earth; Dreamcatcher


Good examples: The Silence of the Lambs; Seven

Bad examples: Hannah

Wild Cards


Good examples: Raiders of the Lost Ark; Aliens; Terminator

Bad examples: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Coming of Age

Good examples: Juno; The Garden State; Finding Forrester, Easy A

Bad examples: Finding Forrester; EuroTrip; Cruel Intentions


Good examples: Dr. No; Mission: Impossible

Bad examples: The Bourne Legacy

Family Film

Good examples: Cheaper by the Dozen; Rugrats; Black Beauty; Little Miss Sunshine; Lost in Space

Bad examples: Planet Terror

Inspirational Film

Good examples: Field of Dreams; The Natural; The Blind Side; Seabiscuit

Bad examples: Eat, Pray, Love


Good examples: Borat; Best in Show

Bad examples: District 9

Period Piece

Good examples: Pride and Prejudice, Dangerous Liaisons, Amadeus, Selma

Bad examples:Gangs of New York (accent issues)


Good examples: Batman Begins, Kick-Ass, Mystery Men, Avengers

Bad examples: Spiderman 3, Superman: Man of Steel; DareDevil; Elektra

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