We just wrapped on “…What Time There Is” (video below) and what better title to emphasize just how small 48 hours can be! This was our last practice before the 48 Hour Film Project (happening on July 31st-August 2nd), and our first road movie. There is so much to learn!

Road movie was a somewhat deliberate choice on our part. We wanted something that was not among the main genres for 2015 (and wasn’t Fable), but could still challenge us in new and exciting ways. And we were definitely challenged! Do you know how hard it is to film in a car driving down the road? We’ve got an inkling now!

Our cast and crew were amazing all weekend. We got to borrow two different houses and one Mercedes this time around, and shared the weekend with lots of energetic, creative folks. We couldn’t have done it without them!

In case you’re wondering, the title comes from For Whom The Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway. Our main character was reading this at the start of the video. On set, he opened to a random page and found the quote:

“But in the meantime all the life you have or ever will have is today, tonight, tomorrow, today, tonight, tomorrow, over and over again (I hope), he thought and so you had better take what time there is and be very thankful for it.”

With that in mind, here is what we wrote Friday, shot Saturday, and edited and posted today. After you watch it, you’ll know how appropriate it was to finish this on Father’s Day:

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